Sunday, February 10, 2008

Library Visit

t amazes me the difference in the collections of one library to the next. Yesterday I was at the Toledo Public Library and I am always amazed how it changes and evolves from one visit to the next. The library is one that I first started doing my research in when I was thirteen and continues to be one of my favorites. A observation that came to me yesterday when I was there the amount of people doing their genealogy. It would be neat if they would have a sign in area that you could also list the names you are searching. Have often thought that I could be sitting right next to the solution to my genealogical problem.

The second observation was how wonderful it is to be able to trace a surname on line. Yesterday I went through probably fifty books with out finding anything. It also never stops surprising me on how many books do not have indexes. Many of the older publications lack the proper index.

Be sure to get out and support your local library.

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