Thursday, February 14, 2008

Huron County OH- Births

Records of birth in Huron County can be found in three different places in the county. They are the the Probate Court (1867-1908), Health Department (1908-present and the archives in Bowling Green.

The Probate court is located along with the Health department in Norwalk. It is at these two places that you would go to get your certified copies of records. Indexes also exist for these records. Be sure to make copies of these records to help in proving and confirming facts related to a person's birth. This information tends to be good, because it is given by the parents.

The archives records are indexed and also include the corrections to the records. The records run from 1867 to 1908. All of these records are on microfilm.

Tomorrow I will be covering a library in the area. Have a great day.

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