Friday, February 08, 2008

Hardin County, OH- Connections

As most of you know by reading my bio that I do speaking engagements in front of various groups on the subject of the Civil War and genealogy. While talking with the speaker coordinator about a upcoming talk I am doing for the Allen Co., OH OGS I mentioned that I was currently profiling research in Hardin Co. Debbie indicated that I need to mention the fine work that the folks at the local chapter of the OGS do in Hardin County. They have a genealogical resource center in Kenton that has a tremendous amount of information on the county and it's families. It was also brought to my attention that they will do court house searches for out of towners.

Here is the ling to their site. Lot's of information and understanding can be gained on Hardin county records from this site.

Folks be sure to support your genealogical groups. They do a tremendous job with
helping to preserve our local history. Have a great weekend.

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