Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wauseon Public Library

One of the first parts to start when doing research in Fulton Co., OH is at the Wauseon Public Library in Wauseon. The library has several resources that are of interest to the genealogist interested in researching this area. The libraries holding are in five areas that include Newspapers, Census Records, Family histories, yearbooks and County histories.

The libraries collection of newspapers is the

Fulton County Expositor- January 1, 1875- Nov 4, 2003

Republican- January 16, 1868- July 30, 1981

Fulton County Tribune- May 19, 1883- Nov 21, 1924

The primary source here is obituaries, but don't forget to look for marriage, anniversary and birth announcements. All of these resources are available on microfilm.

As mentioned in the history of Fulton County you need to look in the adjacent counties for census records prior to 1850. Don't forget the Michigan counties as well. The Fulton Co. census records run from 1850-1920.

The library also includes many family and county histories related to Fulton Co. Be sure when using family histories that you check the sources for the information. A genealogy without sources is Fiction not Fact. Unfortunately this is all to common with family histories. They make a good guide until proven. The plat maps will also in understanding some of the geographic changes that have happened in the county and will help in pinpointing where a families records may be located.

Yearbooks prove to be valuable resources when trying to pinpoint a particular area that a family may be located.

The library is located at

117 East Elm Street
Wauseon, OH 43567
Phone- 419- 335-6626

Please be sure to call ahead during this holiday season to confirm hours.

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