Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fulton County Ohio- Births

Due to the nature of the creation of Fulton County research for vital records can be a challenge. The county was created out of three counties Henry, Lucas and Williams. The county also shares it's northern border with Michigan and prior to the county creation in 1850 the border records may be cloudy.

When researching families that were located in this county prior to 1850 checking the three other counties and the adjoining counties in Michigan may be necessary when looking for records. Fulton counties records started in 1867. The records can be found in three seperate locations. The first is at the county court house in Wauseon. Many records prior to 1864 were destroyed when the county courthouse was destroyed. The second place to look for records is at the Health Department where records were kept from 1908 to present. The court house and the Health department are where the certified copies of birth can be obtained. The third and final place to locate birth records is at the Archives in Bowling Green that has the index and the actual birth records which run from 1867-1951.

The next topic will be on marriages.

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