Monday, December 24, 2007

Fulton County- Land Records.

The Land Records in Fulton Co can be found in several places depending on the time period that the search is being completed. The key is knowing the jurisdiction to best look for the records.

Prior to the counties creation in 1850 you have four places to look for the records. They are Henry, Lucas and Williams counties along with the counties bordering current day Fulton Co. in Michigan. The border line issue played a major part in where the land records may be located prior to 1837. After this date most of the records are located in the Ohio counties.

After the 1850 time period the land records for the county can be found in two locations. The first is at the court house in Wauseon. This has the most complete list of records for the county, but does have some gaps due to the fire. The second place is at the archives in Bowling Green. The records here on microfilm and run from 1932-1969.

The primary location for your search for these documents is at the courthouse. Good luck with your search.

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