Monday, December 17, 2007

Putnam County Ohio- Will Records

The location of a Will is one of the most important documents when doing genealogical research on a specific individual. Wills offer important verification of relationships and location of a individual. Unfortunately all to often this is the only document where these items can be verified.

In Putnam Co. OH there are three areas that this document can be located. The first is the library in Ft. Jennings, OH, the Probate Court at the county seat in Ottawa and finally the Bowling Green Archives in BG. The records in the library are all done on microfilm and run from 1837-1941. The records at the Probate Court run from 1837 to present. Here again access can be limited if the records are in the last 100 years. The Bowling Green Archives has two important items on Wills which is the Index to Will records (1837-1897) and the Will Records (1837-1941). These documents are all on microfilm.

The Will is the document that brings all your other facts together on a individual. The Will is normally dated several days after the individuals death. The information in the will explains the distribution of the persons worldly assets and where they would like things to go upon death. This is a important document for verifying wives, husbands and children's names. This document also becomes a good way to document the married names of daughters. A often overlooked portion of the will is the names of the executors. These names are often people that can offer clues to the lineage of the deceased individual. Many times it can be members of the wife or husbands family. It's important to figure out this person's relationship to the deceased. Relative or friend.

Tomorrow I will be wrapping up the records on Putnam Co. OH with the discussion of Naturalization records. I will then be moving on to a new county. My hope is that this information has been helpful on Putnam Co.

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