Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Did your family have particular tradition? Families often followed certain traditions at the holiday times that were specific to the families ethnic background. In my wife's family they had a tradition at Christmas time involving a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree. The pickle would be hidden and then the children would be brought in to find the pickle on the tree. The child that found it was awarded with a small gift. This was a tradition that was common in German families.


Dree said...

My husband's family has the same pickle tradition--and yes, his grandfather even grew up speaking a little German (in Missouri).

It's also super easy to find nice pickle ornaments. We have a large one (a dill, basically), but now that the kids are older we got a little gherkin.

I never understood why there were pickle ornaments. My mom had a German grandmother, though, and they did not do the pickle thing.

Rosie Amber said...

Family trees are fascinating, I need to spend more time looking at mine again, got as far back as the 1730's but data gets scarce. The family is trying to sort out ownership of a piece of land leased to a London church for 999 years in the late 1700's, bit of a nightmare! Anyway I'm dropping in from the AtoZ Challenge to let you know that I've set up a link to this blog from my post today