Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Census Records

Census records in the United States were kept from 1790 to 1940 for current viewing. The accuracy can vary with these documents and should only be used as a guide. Be sure to use the 10 up and 10 down rule when searching the census records. Here you will be able to identify potential relatives that lived in the neighborhood. Finding brother and sisters in the area are high probability. Locating the grandmother living with another family where the women is the daughter or sister of your ancestor. Don't forget to use agricultural, mortality and state census records to complement your search.


Carolyn Branch said...

I just found your blog and will be following you. My Paul family was in OHIO in the early 1800's. Always looking for new leads.

Are you doing the A-Z Challenge?

I am, but won't be writing about Family History until April 6 when we get to F!

Donna Sexton said...

U was amazed to find out that in 1930 my dad lived in a 3 bedroom house with 10 people. I knew there were 7 in the immediate family, but didn't realize his grandfather and an aunt and uncle also lived with them.

Donna at Donna's New Day

Anonymous said...

I been doing our family genealogy for a year now and what i found useful about the census is that it tells a story in time. You can pretty much track the time frame every 10 years and see some changes. Whether it be death, marriage, birth,so on and so forth.I find this tool to be useful.