Monday, April 01, 2013


Our ancestors left identifiable paper trails if they have money. If they don't the trail is hard. Make sure to check things like census records (Did they rent?), land and Probate. People with out assets did not own land and have anything to distribute when they died. The buying and selling of land was a way to create wealth. If you ancestor was not participating in this activity they lacked assets. Identifying the paper trail of the collateral lines will help you with understanding your own ancestor.

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Mary Freshour said...

I've found that tracking land ownership is difficult. Some counties have great records others don't. I've been tracking family that came in and settle in the 1880's in New York area for a year. I can't find how they navigated to Ohio.Like alot of them that came in on boats from the other side of the pond, paper trails are tuff to find. Any suggestions or help is greatly welcomed