Thursday, April 18, 2013


Pension records come in several different forms. The one that most genealogist think of are those associated with Military service, but have you looked for them when it involves their occupation? One of the biggest occupations was in the railroad especially for non English speaking immigrants. The US Railroad Retirement Board is located in Chicago. It is a excellent place to request the documents for ancestors that followed this occupation. Many occupations would have these types of documents.

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Nancy Jardine said...

I'm Scottish and I took up ancestry a couple of years ago. I've found some fantastic records for my family within official Scottish records. My greandfather worked on the Railways in Glasgow, Scotland but unfortunately it isn't so easy to search the ones for the company he worked for. English Railway records are much easier to access. (I love ancestry so much 2 of my recent novels are based on fictitious family trees and I'm saga writing - loosely based on my own family) Nancy at Welcome to she said, he said