Friday, April 19, 2013


Don't always take the information you find for face value. Every event date should be confirmed by at least three different sources. Talking documented primary or secondary sources here. Beware the family trees you find on the internet as a result of the shaking leaf. Just because 109 people say a undocumented genealogy is correct does not make it so. I have found a genealogy recently where the parents for a individual in the 1700's from Virginia had parents that lived in Massachusetts their whole lives. The likely hood of this happening is minimal for this time period. Make certain you qualify all your facts. Don't depend on what is in print or on the internet as your one source.


adot said...

That is very interesting information. Thanks for sharing!

-Fellow A to Z-er

planter's elf said...

I have someone else's tree keep popping up - the one where the father was born in 1948 and the mother was born in 1650........I've stopped linking to every other tree unless it has multiple sources. Sometimes I'll use a tree as a jumping off point to further my own search, but I'm not using the info unless I can source it. I'm tired of having to redo everything.