Thursday, January 31, 2008

Williams Co., OH- Military Records

Williams county has a interesting collection of military records related primarily to those solders that fought in the Civil War. The papers are know as the Civil War Bounties and Military papers. They are located in the office of the county auditor. All of the records are located at the archives in Bowling Green.

The records include items related to exemptions, discharges, receipts, correspondences, fiscal records, relief payments and statements, applications and claims. The records start in 1859 then stop. They start up again and run from 1861-1892. These records will offer valuable information on your ancestors that fought in the Civil War.

Additional records exist for Militia rolls and they run from 1858, 1861-1865, 1867 and 1877. These lists primarily list a persons name and what part of the county they come from. Geographic proof and spelling of name would be important verification from these documents. These records typically apply to men that could not serve for various reasons in the regular army.

These records are often over looked. People do not realize that there are war records at the county level. Have a wonderful day.

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