Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fulton Co., OH- Obituaries

Obituaries can offer valuable information on the deceased and their family. The information in obituaries can vary widely. Some is simply date of death, funeral services and age. This tends to be the vast majority, but some offer valuable information on origins, life time achievements and living relatives. Be sure to use additional sources to document items that appear in the obituary.

The following newspapers were published in the county over time and in many cases more than one paper may list a obituary. At the Archbold library are the following newspapers.

Archbold Herald- 1/4/1893- 6/9/1898
Archbold Advocate- 1/18/1900- 12/5/1907
Archbold Buckeye- 1905- Present

The following papers are located at the Wauseon Public Library.

Fulton County Expositor- 1/1/1875- Nov. 4, 2003
Republican- 1/16/1868- 7/30/1981
Fulton County Tribune- 5/19/1883- 11/21/1924

Make sure to make copies of the obits, because things that appear in the obit that do not make sense now will make more sense at a later point when you find more information.

Tomorrow cemetery searches.

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