Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 6 a week of doing business

Well I am now into my sixth week of traveling the Genealogy trail as my business. Some exciting things happened that will play important parts in my long term plans.

Monday started out with contacting folks that I met with on Saturday that are serving along with me on the Ohio Genealogical Trustees board. Talked to one local group about setting up a Google+ hangout for a upcoming event. Very easy to do and will bring folks that may not otherwise be able to attend their local chapter meetings. Finalized my latest Quick Guide and set it off to the editor. It covers the subject of Probate and how it effects the genealogist.

Tuesday I spent some time mentoring a guy that lives in San Antonio who will be teaching some genealogy classes this Fall. Offered him some advice from my ten years of doing the same thing. Hope to help moving into the future. This aspect of genealogy is very important to me. Made a connection with a group of Irish librarians back in Ireland that are dealing with Genealogist every day. Hoping to have it help my tour next year as well as lead to some business here in the states. See what happens.

Wednesday was spent gathering the information for my next Quick Guide. This release will be dealing with Maritime history in the Great Lakes and what resources are out there for Genealogist. Amazed after doing this to learn how much information is out there. Quoted some new projects and hope that I can keep the client funnel full.

Thursday was spent writing the Quick Guide. This is the first one that I really feel I am getting the hang of it. This is good since I have two due in a few weeks. Spent part of the day finalizing up some old projects.

Friday finalized the editing of the Quick Guide. Rest of the day was spent finalizing for the trip to North Dakota. Should be a very interesting trip. Working on the husbands family this time around and will be working on the wife's after that. Should be a very large project. Taking the train. Should be interesting. Made a connection with a local lawyer to do some probate/genealogy work. Very exciting stuff. Finalized the press release for the Irish tour next spring.

Stay tuned next Sunday for my recap on my Genealogical trip to North Dakota. Here we come Fargo.

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