Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 4 Updates and Progress

Well week four was another busy week for me. Struck by the many surprises that happen in the week that I did not even expect on Monday, but here goes. Looking forward to the events of this coming week.

Monday spent doing retrievals at the courthouse. Not sure that this is going to fit into the long term picture of my business. Decided to resign. Got a lot on my plate and this will free up more time for client research.

Spent the day on Tuesday writing up three research plans for trip on Thursday to Ft Wayne to conduct research. Find this time to be very rewarding and really help improve the efficient use of my time while I am in the Library. Continued working on my Quick guide on Migration Patterns for Legacy. Thought I knew a lot about migration, but learning so much more.

Wednesday, my deadline for my latest installment is here for the Sylvania magazine. Luckily I have most of this stuff in my brain. Just needed to put it down on paper. Found out today I was elected as a Trustee of the Ohio Genealogical Society. First meeting a week from this upcoming Saturday. Looking to see what fantastic things I will learn from this new opportunity. So exciting.

Thursday, Was spent in Ft. Wayne Indiana. Worked on research for a family that lived in Washington DC and Fredricksburg, VA. Surprise of the day here was they had the original birth and death records for Fredricksburg on microfilm. Helped me learn where the family was not. Second project was spent looking at Iowa and Nebraska information. Makes me appreciate the shear scale of the collection in this library. Learned not to bring a fifteen year old to the library with you. He started early and kept up until we left. Then he sleeps in the car all the way home. He was not even doing the work. Did not get the second project or third project done. Will be going back next week. No teenager this time.

Friday spent time finalizing the Quick Guide. Don't like that deadline clock ticking in my head. Got it done and submitted. Now to hear about the editing part. First one so I am expecting to get hit hard. Talked to the travel agent about the Ireland and European tours next year. Starting to fill the content on the website. Hopefully will have things up and running soon.

Saturday spent the day giving a talk up in Michigan on Brick Walls. Beautiful day for a drive and met with a great group of people. Enjoying teaching and learning from other a great deal. Quick guide was approved with some slight changes. Next deadline Probate.

Well that is enough for now. Need to feed the Social Media animal. Looking forward to the week ahead. Got to keep working towards the goal.

Please leave your thoughts. If you would like a response please include your email. Have a great week.

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Yvonne said...

Will you be speaking in Ohio anytime soon? If so when and where?