Thursday, June 06, 2013

Family Search

This is by far my favorite site. I have written about in several other articles. It is constantly changing at the pace of almost 5 million records per week. The site is completly free. Now for some tips on using the site.

The most important one when you first visit the site is to register. If you fail to do this you will not be able to get the full impact of the sources avaliable on this site. Scanned documents for example will not be able to be seen with out registering.

Although many records are being added every day the church still has millions of records that have not be transcribed from microfilm and put on the site. You can still order the microfilm. It can be sent to your local Family History Center or your participating library. They have a list of both on the site. They do charge a small fee for the mcirofilm to cover postage, but it is an excellent way to do research on distant relatives at a local facility.

Finally be sure to check out the many books that they have scanned. They have digitized thousands of books that are located in several libraries. It allows you to be wearing your fuzzy slippers drinking your favorite beverage at 2 am. Ah what a world.

Please check out this site. It offers tons of free records. The site is constantly changing.

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