Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Huron Co.- Wills

The discovery of a ancestors will offers valuable clues to ones life and relatives listed in the will. This document will provide valuable clues to a persons life that you will not find anywhere else in your search. Wills for the county of Huron exist in the court house at the probate court in Norwalk and the archives in Bowling Green.

The courthouse records are located in the Probate Court and run from 1852 to present. Be sure to know the approximate time of death and work back from that date to locate your will. Time varies on the filing of a will from days to years. Sometimes these searches can be extensive.

The archives in Bowling Green has those wills that run from 1903 to 1911. All these records are on microfilm.

Be certain to make copies of these documents so that your are able to trace all the names in the document. Wills offer valuable clues to blood relationships that may not be available in any other document. Daughters are often listed with maiden names and executors on the will may also be relatives with different last names.

Other than land records wills are the most valuable document in determining relationships within a family group. Have a wonderful day.

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