Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How do I understand the results from my Y chromosome testing?

The results from your Y chromosome testing can be very confusing. Understanding the information to help you with your research is a challenge. Here are some thoughts on results.

In order for the test to identify similarities to other results it will identify the number of times you hit common markers and determine the number of times they repeat. These markers are what is known as short random markers. This provides the road map to identification of similarities with data that has been collected. The more markers you are able to identify the better chances you will have to identifying a individual or similar ancestral line. The difference in a 12 marker test is 50% probability in a 14 generation test. The difference between a 21 marker test is 50 % probability in the last 8 generations. Testing results tend to taper off the higher you go on markers. Some testing groups offer 37 and 67 marker testing, but costs go up dramatically without much bang for your buck.

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