Monday, January 07, 2013

Handy program for GPS

Here is some software that I became aware of as a result of the previous article on the Genealogical Proof Standard. Let me know what you think.

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Linda Schreiber said...

I haven't worked with it in really serious depth yet. Just experimenting with the free trial. But I think it is excellent!
First, of course, is the intended purpose. To analyze bits of data in a structured way, to reach a well thought out conclusion, including all conflicting information. I find that is very well done in this program, and I need it....
But in addition to this, the program includes a small input box that rides above windows of images, websites, even open files on my own computer and my own gen program source/media files, where you can take detail by detail notes on what you are seeing. You can move the little input window around to view info, and can even use it to underline what you are looking at. Pulling every little piece of information out of a death cert or census image is easy, and the elimination of the back-and-forth between screens, or taking of hand notes, reduces errors greatly. Then you can generate and print reports of the data gathered, and enter the details into your gen program, as well. I would buy it for that alone.
But I also need the full analysis program as intended by the developer. Very well done! I will be buying it, as soon as I can.