Monday, September 03, 2012

Northwest Ohio World War II Vet

This was posted on a friend's site. My research on the WWII POW experience of Leroy Wilbur Wyse Jr is in the final editing stages, and will soon be finished. Junior was taken prisoner by the Japanese on the Island of Corregidor in the Philippines in 1942. This is a 54 page document that outlines Junior's experience from the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 to his eventual liberation and finally his untimely death in 1947. The most interesting part of the paper includes a diary that was kept by a member of the very unit that Junior served in during the siege on Corregidor. My intention is to have this research bound in book form. I plan on donating one copy to the Williams County Public Library. I also want to make the book available to anyone else who would like to have a printed copy. My hope is that others will volunteer to purchase additional copies that can be placed in other libraries like the Fulton Co Genealogical library. I plan on placing the book order on November 24th, but am taking reservations now so that I can get an idea on what the final cost will be. I'm selling the book at my cost (printing and shipping). I expect the book price will be close to $20.00 each, but could go down if I get enough orders. If you think that you would like to have a copy, just let me know how many you think that you will want, and we will take care of the money after I place the order in November. Please also consider purchasing and donating a copy to your favorite library. I can be contacted at Please let me or Steve know if you are interested in contributing.

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