Monday, May 21, 2012

Portable Scanners

Have you ever been researching in a library, court house or archives where you need to make copies of documents?  This can be a challenge with having the correct change, standing in line for the copier or the facility may not have the capabilities to make reproductions.  Having your own hand scanner can resolve this problem.

Technology today has developed where you have the ability to copy pages in a book or copy photos using a hand scanner.  One of the nicer ones on the market today is the Flip Pal.  This scanner has a 4 x 6 inch scanning area.  You have the ability to copy pages in a book and download it into your computer.  It does not plug into the wall, but uses batteries for power.  This makes it very easy to use and allows you to work in areas without a electrical outlet or your computer.

Another excellent feature of this product is it's excellent reproduction quality of photos.  The image can be scanned directly off the image or over the protective cover the picture is stored in.  Recently I saw a demonstration using this product that allowed it to scan a much larger picture and stitch the smaller images together to make the larger picture.  The fascinating part was you did not see the seems.

So when taking a look at a scanner take a look at the Flip Pal.  For further information please contact me

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