Friday, September 09, 2011

Genealogy- Preparing for the interview

Gathering Oral History
Decide where to start
Start with the family historian.
Interview the older members of your family.
Make a Game Plan
Start with setting a appointment.
Write down questions to work off.
Bring along family chart and things that you have found so far that will jog memories.
Tips for interview
Read information on doing proper interviews.
Consider writing or emailing questions
Use the Phone
This by far can be the hardest. 
Asking the correct questions
Do your research.
Make sure you know how the person being interviewed fits into the family.
Use your charts as a guide.
Use open ended questions.
Get the person to tell stories instead of yes or no answers.
Try to elicit facts.
Be sure to find out the how, why, where, when and what
Tomorrow we will work on the questions to ask.

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